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Keagan’s third tooth cut through today and he was hardly fussy at all, thank goodness! I knew it was close. It’s his first top tooth and it has me worrying a bit about biting during nursing! I am sure it will be fine, though.

In other baby news, Keagan said a new word today! Dog! He loves our dogs, so I am not surprised that “dog” is among  his first words.

This is Max and Roxy 🙂

Max and Roxy

So far Keagan says:

Mama, Papa, Hi, Yeah, Boob, Dog and Boo (book)

Go baby, go 😀 It is so incredible to watch him learn and grow. He was so proud of “dog” tonight. He said it over and over and squealed with joy. It makes me so happy to see my little man thrive. I know it’s nothing amazing in the grand scheme of things, but to me it is such a miracle to see the way children (especially mine!) develop all around. Language skills are such a wonderful gift and it’s so amazing to watch these skills come into being. In the not terribly distant future, I will be able to hold a conversation with my little man. Wow.


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So the doctor said that there’s a good chance it was just a Febrile (fever induced) seizure. Because of Keagan’s age and history, there’s a very good chance he’ll have more, so we have to be careful when he may be coming down with something. BUT to be sure that it was just Febrile, they want to do an EEG. If they EEG looks good, then they don’t have to do an MRI. If it does not look good, then we’ll have to do an MRI and sedate him etc, so I am really hoping that it shows nothing abnormal. His last EEG looked great. Then again, he was two days old when he had that one.

Anyway, that’s all the Keagan news. Keep us in your prayers.

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My little lacitvist

My little man said his 5th (?) word last night.


Over and over again. He really does love to breastfeed. I am wishing I had called it a breast when talking to him  now 😉

Oh well. At least I know he’s fond of nursing!

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Poor little Keagan

He’s broken out in a rash. I think it’s from the amoxicillin. I am allergic and so are both my grandpas. Of course I didn’t know this until AFTER he’d broken out all over his little body. So we have to go to his pediatrician later today.<br><br>He sees his neurologist tomorrow. Poor kid is always at the doctor it seem

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Keagan had a seizure on Saturday.

If you only know us from this blog, you probably don’t know that Keagan has some neurological problems from an injury caused to his brain from improper use of vacuum suction on his brain at birth. We’ve known that he is at risk for seizures,  but we have not had any experiences of it since he was released from the NICU at 11 days old.

Keagan was a bit off all morning on Saturday. He had a slight (99) fever, but he still wanted to eat, play etc, just at a slower pace than normal. He was napping on my lap and started to shake a bit. At first I thought he was just waking up and wasn’t pleased about it, so I tried to get him to nurse. He started shaking harder and his little arm came out from under him and flailed about. It last somewhere in the range of a minute, it’s hard to say really how long it was. I was pretty much in shock. It was so scary to see his little body move like that. I can’t describe it… He cried for a few minutes and then seemed fairly okay… but I was pretty sure he’d had a seizure and we have been warned that is a big possibility for Keagan because of his history, so I knew I needed to take him to a hospital right away.

I tried to call Nick, but had no luck. He was snowboarding up at Crystal so his phone was in the car. I went to my mom’s (she lives near by) and had her drive us to Mary Bridge because I felt like I was too upset to make that drive safely. (Nick did get ahold of me about an hour later and came as quickly as he could)

When we got there, his fever was 102. They gave him Ibprofin and then we waited for the doctor. After checking him out and talking to me, he kind of got nervous and said he was going to have the head doctor talk to me. He came in and said I was probably right, it sounded like it was a seizure. He said since Keagan’s fever had gone up so much that it could have just been a Febrile seizure, but with Keagan’s history we needed to be more concerned. He has to go to his neuro this week and they will schedule an MRI to make sure his brain looks good.

He also has an ear infection (most likely the source of the fever) so he’s on an antibiotic, motrin, tylenol, and they gave us an anti-seizure med in case he has another one. Normally, I wouldn’t want him on all of that, but they are worried about him getting a fever since it could cause another seizure.

He’s doing well now. He’s actually been in a pretty good mood since his fever went down. Unfortunately, we’ve had some problems with diarrhea as a side effect from the antibiotics. This is worrisome because the doctors said that dehydration could cause a seizure as well. Hopefully, we are able to avoid any more seizures.

As of right now, we don’t really know what is going on. We’ll know more after he sees his neuro this week.

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Photo fun :)




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Ten months

Keagan is ten months old today. In two months he’ll be a year old! These ten months have been wonderful. Watching him grow and learn has been so amazing. He’s doing really well, too. He is such a determined little guy! And happy! I love waking up with him next to me and my hubby in our bed every morning and seeing his big smiles! It’s great. He is also getting VERY big! I can not keep up with his clothes because he is growing so quickly! I am going to have to come back and add some photos to this in a little while. He is changing sooo much.

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