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Giving Bear a Bath

Keagan wanted to give his bear a bath the other day. I indulged his cute toddler idea.

Bathing bears is serious.

Don’t know how Bear felt about it. Drying after the bath.

And just because they are cute…

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I saw this activity on Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. She got it from http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/. I thought it looked like fun, so here it goes…

For Today…

Outside my windowour new neighborhood

I am thinking… about how grateful I am for my family. And how much I have to get done.

I am thankful for… My family. My God. My home.

From the kitchen… Organic fruits from Marlene’s

I am wearing… Khaki pants I’ve owned since highschool and a black tshirt.

I am reading… The Bible, Living Outside the Box: TV-Free Families Share Their Secrets

I am hoping… to get Eden to nap soon

I am creating… Mama milk (and Eden is eating it!)

I am praying…
for friends, for family, for strength, for reverence and for patience. (not too much to ask for it it?)

Around the house…
Cute boy running around. Crazy dogs drooling and barking. Happy baby drooling and cooing.

One of my favorite things… Smiles on the faces of my kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week…
Nothing concrete other than caring for the kids.

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I finished Keagan and Eden’s room! Well. It’s mostly finished. We got rid of a few more toys and some of the stuff in the closet after these photos were taken… and we have to decorate. The walls are sad.

I can’t wait until the rest of the house is so free from clutter!

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