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So last Christmas I put off all my crafting to the last minute. I vowed to never do it again. I don’t want to be up until 3:00am finishing gifts ever again. It really took away from the joy of the day and probably helped fuel a blow up that happened at the inlaws’ house later that evening. (Telling a tired, crabby pregnant lady how to parent isn’t a good idea, if you were wondering…)

So in order to preserve all the happy feelings that should accompany Christmas this year, I have already started my Christmas crafting. I started very, very easy. I made a pillow for the pirate bedset I am making for Keagan. He really loves pirates. At some point Keagan and Eden’s room is going to be all done up in pirates and mermaids. I have no clue how Eden feels about this as she just speaks in babble, however Keagan is quite excted to have a “Yar pirate” room, and I feel it will be quite charming. (He only refers to pirates as “yar pirates.” It’s super cute)

So I made a very basic pillow out of a cute, soft flannel with pirate ships on it. I think he’ll love it and I oh so badly want to give it to him as soon as he wakes up. So hopefully, I can get some willpower as I continue on my “done before Thanksgiving” Christmas crafting path. Otherwise, I will just have to make more and more and I will be back at it on Christmas Eve and crabby on Christmas Day, missing the joy of the miracle of the Savior’s birth and snapping at my mother in law. And no one wants that.

So the goal, as I said above is to be done by Thanksgiving. That gives me 67 days. I don’t think that’s unreasonable at all. Then I can sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday season without a worry in the world. I am going to try to blog regularly to motivate myself and all four of you who read this regularly can keep me in check okay? Or you can all laugh at me when I post on December 23rd as to how the only finished gift is that silly little pillow. Either way 🙂

Anyone else getting ready for Christmas already? Are you crafting? What are you making or planning to make?


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