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Science Rocks

I recently started doing simple science experiments with the kids. I really thought this would be all about Keagan, but Eden’s been having a blast too. Albeit,he’s getting more out of it, but the fact that these little projects keeps both kids happy AND occupied makes for a happy mama.

These have been super simple projects, Mixing oil and water, seeing if things float, that kind of  thing. I ask Keagan questions and answer his, trying to let him learn more from the experience than any “instruction.”  We’re all having a good time and Keagan is learning to love science. How great is that?! At this stage it’s just about thinking about how the world works. And keeping my very busy kids occupied.

I really hope I can continue to keep a lot of hands on activities as part of our daily lives. I think that there is so much to be gained through observation you make on your own versus that which you read in a book. Don’t get me wrong. We totally heart books around here. It’s just great to try things out for yourself 🙂

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Damaged by life

Broken. hurting.

This world an unkind place of residence.

Reality crashes down around me

Falling like tiny shards of angry glass.

I try and move on

but I stumble

Time and time again

in an endless game of pinball

that has me spinning every which way

only to be halted and turned another direction

with swift knock in the head.

Bing! Married! Five thousand  points!

Ding ding ding! Home Owner! Mom! Business Owner! Ten thousand points.

Bang! New baby. Five thousand points.

Boom! Foreclosure. Start again.

Bing! Cross country move.

Points to be determined.

Spinning. Crashing. Beeping.

Oh, the incessant beeping.

And then I hear the Whisper

in this storm of life

and I remember You.

Even when I try and put You

in a box, I can’t.

The King of Kings

does not fit

in the tiny box.

Eternity does not  fit.

Agape does not fit.

As I listen, the bruises start to heal

(those to my ego)

and my heart feels alive again

and I know that You have plans for me

“plans to prosper me and not to harm me,

plans to give me hope

and a future.”

So I let go of it all

and breath the biggest sigh of relief.

And I stand ready, waiting.

Waiting for life. Waiting for God.

Waiting for Grace and for pinball.

And knowing with Your grace I can handle it all.

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