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Slightly Confused

We don’t do a lot of movies or TV around here, but I found a pack of classic Christmas movies at Costco and couldn’t turn them down. Keagan has really enjoyed “Rodolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

But he’s slightly confused. He keeps calling the “Abdominal Snow Monster of the North” a baby doll.

I just don’t see the resemblance. Guess I should be glad it doesn’t scare him. Maybe he’s seen some ugly baby dolls somewhere I’m not aware of. Really, really ugly baby dolls.

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Our advent activites have been going well. We made snowflakes and read books over the weekend and today we painted Christmas trees and more ornaments. Keagan really likes painting these days. Eden wanted in on the fun, but I was worried about her eating the paints, so I didn’t let her. I am going to have to look for some homemade paint recipes that wouldn’t hurt her if she ingested a bit.

Tomorrow we’re stringing popcorn and cranberries. I think Keagan will have a blast. I’m using a really blunt tapestry needle so it shouldn’t be too sharp. And I will, of course, be right there with him, ready to help.

Crafting is going fairly well. I am hoping to finish a blanket for Eden tonight.  I really have to get some photos up of all of my Christmas crafts.

I’m having a hard time coming up with gifts  for Eden. She’s 8 months old, will be just about 9 months on Christmas. She’s starting to like toys, but we have pretty much all we could need for a baby her age left over from Keagan. So far I made her a little taggie lovie and this blanket. I plan on making her a doll… I can’t decide if it’s going to be a Waldorf inspired baby, a Black Apple doll or a mermaid doll. For the mermaid, I’d put something crinkly in the tail so it made noise. I haven’t found a pattern, but I could wing it. I may make two of those for her. I also have an idea for a bunny with a ribbon tutu floating around in my head. But those are all pretty similar, so I don’t want to make them all. I want to come up with something that’s not a doll or a stuffed animal. Any ideas?

And I know she doesn’t need much, but I don’t want Keagan to get several gifts and think it’s odd for Eden to get less, you know?

I also have to make them mittens and hats. Tonight or tomorrow. It’s COLD. I’m making them from felted sweaters. I’m using the method in “The Handmade Home” by Amanda Blake Soule of Soule Mama (which is AWESOME by the way, check it out if you’re into crafting with repurposed materials) and  the mittens I am just tracing their hands and using the bottom ribbing of the sweaters for the bottom of the mittens. I’ve seen a few tutorials, but that covers the basic idea. Pretty simple, really… but I am sure you can find ideas for either project with some googling.

How are everyone’s Christmas projects going? Getting close to done?

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So I’m trying to make sure each day between now and Christmas is part of our celebration. Some days we’ll do more exciting things than others, but each day will have some special Christmas activity.  Some days we will probably do more than one thing, some days it may be as simple as coloring a Christmas tree or reading a book. These are all things we’re hoping to do this month.

What’s everyone else doing to get ready for Christmas? These Advent activities have been a blast for Keagan so far. I can’t wait until Eden’s old enough to participate.

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Our third and fourth day of Advent were spent making salt-dough ornaments.  Keagan really liked the painting portion.

He is so enjoying all of our advent activities! We are (hopefully) getting our tree this weekend so that should make for a lot of Christmas fun!

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We’re doing a Christmas activity each day until Christmas. We started the 30th of November by making these activity cards:

I found the numbers on some blog and I feel pretty crummy because I just can’t remember where! If anyone sees them and recognizes them, please tell me where they came from!

So we colored, stickered (we were given a large amount of Christmas stickers)  and glued those on the 30th. I’ve been adding the activities to the back here and there. I want to be sure we have one each day, but I also want to be flexible. With a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old I have to be!

On the first, we decorated one of our “faerie trees” out front that Keagan insists his friends, the faeries live in.

Keagan was really excited.

Keagan had a blast decorating and now gasps with joy every time we go outside. I love it! He said he made his faeries happy and their tree is pretty. Sounds good to me.

Yesterday, we made snowmen (I cut, he glued) and read “A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas” by Phillip Yates. The book was great! We read it several times and it’s a lot of fun. When you read this book aloud, you can not help but to talk like a pirate. And what kid doesn’t want to combine all the fun of pirates with all the wonder of Christmas? It was the first book he wanted to read when he woke up today as well. It’s a hit. It’s not one that will leave you all warm and fuzzy when it’s done, but it’s great.

Today, we made salt dough ornaments. We baked today and we’ll paint tomorrow. I’ll share photos when we’re done, but Keagan’s loving the process thus far.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the advent season. It’s a lot of fun to lead up to the big celebration with lots of fun activities. Christmas should be more than just a day, I think. Is anyone else celebrating the whole season? Anyone have any fun activities they’d like to share?

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My beautiful family sure reminds me that I have many, many reasons to be thankful!
Eden in her pretty dress:

Sometimes, love is squishy and kind of painful.

We had a nice dinner with my parents and brothers and headed home before pie. As sad as it is, it saved a lot of screaming and bedtime fussiness. I’m quickly learning that kids change your holiday priorities. Pie is no longer on the radar. 🙂

We’ve changed around our thoughts on Christmas as well. Actually, it’s more like I’ve guilted my husband into allowing Santa into our home. And I am so happy about it! Keagan loves Santa. And yes, he’s already a little more focused on presents than he should be, however I think that the eternal salvation delivered upon the world via a virgin birth is a bit much for a 2 1/2 year old to understand, so if he gets caught up in the gift and Santa aspect of the holiday for a few years so be it.

He’s decided he wants a motorcycle for Christmas. We decided a balance bike looks enough like one to pass. We thought about some ride on motorcycle toys, but the reviews were all terrible and we were afraid he wouldn’t play with it long. This, he can play with until about age five, when his sister can easily take over 🙂 He’s also told me that Santa wants his own motorcycle. I think that’s Santa’s problem 😉

We’re doing a lot of fun advent activities and I am going to blog about that in just a little bit. Hope everyone’s doing well!

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Not a whole lot going on right now. Lots of turkey crafts being made. Simple hand-shaped ones. Keagan loves turkeys right now.

Eden started saying mama and it makes my heart warm.

I’m realizing my goal of finishing my Christmas gifts by Thanksgiving probably isn’t going to happen, however I have a great start and I won’t be nearly as stressed as last year. That’s a very, very good thing.

I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family. My mom makes a wonderful dinner every year and most of the food can be consumed by most of my family. Hooray!

I have quite a few half finished craft projects that need to become finished projects. Felt food (so cute… I never knew little felt cookies were so fun!) a few pairs of wool longies that are pinned and not sewed. I have silk to be dyed for play silks. And I have the most awesome fabric ever I need to make into beautiful clothes for Miss Eden.

I got it from SuperBuzzy. They have an awesome selection of unique (mostly Japanese) fabrics. I spend forever drooling and bought half a yard each of these two:

Only the second the background is red, not pink. I guess she’s out of the red now. They arrived fast and she even send little candies with it. Awesome. Now I have to patterns and I just can’t decide.

Now it’s time for bed.:)

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So last Christmas I put off all my crafting to the last minute. I vowed to never do it again. I don’t want to be up until 3:00am finishing gifts ever again. It really took away from the joy of the day and probably helped fuel a blow up that happened at the inlaws’ house later that evening. (Telling a tired, crabby pregnant lady how to parent isn’t a good idea, if you were wondering…)

So in order to preserve all the happy feelings that should accompany Christmas this year, I have already started my Christmas crafting. I started very, very easy. I made a pillow for the pirate bedset I am making for Keagan. He really loves pirates. At some point Keagan and Eden’s room is going to be all done up in pirates and mermaids. I have no clue how Eden feels about this as she just speaks in babble, however Keagan is quite excted to have a “Yar pirate” room, and I feel it will be quite charming. (He only refers to pirates as “yar pirates.” It’s super cute)

So I made a very basic pillow out of a cute, soft flannel with pirate ships on it. I think he’ll love it and I oh so badly want to give it to him as soon as he wakes up. So hopefully, I can get some willpower as I continue on my “done before Thanksgiving” Christmas crafting path. Otherwise, I will just have to make more and more and I will be back at it on Christmas Eve and crabby on Christmas Day, missing the joy of the miracle of the Savior’s birth and snapping at my mother in law. And no one wants that.

So the goal, as I said above is to be done by Thanksgiving. That gives me 67 days. I don’t think that’s unreasonable at all. Then I can sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday season without a worry in the world. I am going to try to blog regularly to motivate myself and all four of you who read this regularly can keep me in check okay? Or you can all laugh at me when I post on December 23rd as to how the only finished gift is that silly little pillow. Either way 🙂

Anyone else getting ready for Christmas already? Are you crafting? What are you making or planning to make?

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So I thought I would sort of “review” some of Keagan’s Christmas gifts.

He got the “Blue Moo” CD by Sandra Boynton from my mom. Keagan LOVES music, and I want to make sure he has some music time every day, so this was a great gift. We played it today for the first time. A few of the tracks bored him a bit, but, for the most part it had him dancing all over the house. He waved his little hands in the air, he marched, he even pulled out his little toy drum and played along (to the beat, I must add… er brag.) So, minus a few songs that are fine, just not Keagan’s Taste, we loved it. It’s much easier to listen to than a lot of kids music (I can’t STAND little kids singing off key!!) and a lot of fun.

Also from my mom, he got Melissa and Doug “Stacking Emergency Vehicles.” These are also a hit. They are toy car meets puzzle. He loves pushing them around yelling “we-oooh-we-oooh” and also taking them apart and putting them together. He has a little trouble with the puzzle aspect, but he enjoys it and I think he’ll grow into them a bit more with age, which is a good thing. So many toys get boring to kids too quicky.


The third and final toy I am reviewing today is the “Funrise My Little Rockstar Guitar.” While Keagan likes it, I don’t think he will for long. It’s already breaking! It has a wheel on the front that makes it make guitar sound effects. This wheel is already stuck. He’s played with it four times and it’s already stuck! It’s also annoying and does not really resmble a guitar in the way it’s used. I want to expose him to music, but in a more realistic fashion. And one that does not beep, light up and break in less than a week. I generally like more natural toys and this just reminded me why.


And just because, here’s a photo of my little guy, playing in the laundry I was trying to fold. Who needs toys when you have a laundry basket?!


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Keagan’s second out-of womb Christmas was nice. He woke up in a sweet and cheerful mood. I made him breakfast and he ate it in bed with Papa while I got everything ready in the living room. Then I read him two board books about the real meaning of Christmas and we went into the living room. He instantly saw and ran to his new toys. They were mostly bigger, so only one was wrapped. He got an easel, a table and chairs I painted with his and Eden’s names, a felt board with embroidered shapes I made for him and a stuffed puppy I threw in at the last minute. I put the puppy in the tree because he had spent the last two weeks trying to “decorate” the tree with his toys. He squealed with excitement when he saw it there. Then he pulled it out and kissed it. Totally worth the 50 cents at Goodwill. 🙂

From there, we went to my parents and enjoyed time with them, my brothers and their girlfriends. We exchanged gifts and Keagan got spoiled, but I guess a little bit of spoiling won’t kill him a few times a year 🙂 I am quite excited about the gift my little bro gave me – a night out while he babysits! Score! Keagan really loved the Larry the Cucumber stuffed toy my parents got him.

After that we went to the inlaws, where we ate dinner and exchanged gifts yet again. So yes, he got a LOT of stuff.

We had a few not so grand moments involving our car getting stuck in the snow (one time for 40 minutes!) but in the end, it was a great holiday and I am so glad to have been able to share it with my family.

I’ll post some photos later. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and reverence for the Baby born in Bethlehem.




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