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Our Halloween




Keagan had a great day.He was very excited from the moment he realized Halloween had finally come. We had trick-or-treater stop by very early (like 3:00) and as soon as we’d closed the door he wanted to take all the candy in the bowl out to the faeries. I let him take a piece out to the big tree, but I told him we’d have to collect the rest trick-or-treating. He accepted that just fine and we got ready to go show the kids’ costumes off to Grandma and Grandpa, who spoiled him relentlessly with a large bag of treats he can eat and some toys. This pleased him greatly. Eden was given a stuffed kitty since she isn’t eating treats yet. She chewed on that almost as much as she did her tutu.

We took him to trick-or-treat in my parents’ neighborhood since we were there that time of day. He love trick-or-treating and said he wants to do it every day. I told him he can do it every Halloween. 🙂

We made a quick stop to see G.G. and Gramps (great-grandparents) and then headed home. Keagan promptly dumped his candy out under the faerie tree.

In the morning, the faeries left him a no-sew fleece scarf. I hear they were too tired to make the elf hat they planned. I guess I’ll just have to pick up their slack and make it for him for Christmas 😉


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Keagan had a blast with this activity. I cut out four head shapes, several sets of eyes, noses, random shapes, mouths, hair etc in multiple colors and had Keagan create “monsters.” It was a great Halloween craft for him because in addition to being fun, it reinforced his knowledge of shapes (circle nose, oval head etc) and colors and also spatial reasoning. I was surprised how accurately he placed the pieces on the faces.(Excluding one upside down eyebrow, of which he was quite proud.)
I think we’ll repeat it again later… we could make silly turkeys, snowmen, etc.

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The past week or so has really been a blast with Keagan. I told you all before about Keagan’s Halloween Faeries. Well I’ve been having to come up with gifts for him each night ever since he decided that the Halloween gift exchange with the faeries was not just a one night thing. We were sick last week and I decided a few store bought (wood and made in the US) toys wouldn’t kill us. He really loved the wooden top and airplane. He did forget a few nights and that helped me as a tired sick mama. Last night, we ran out of store bought toys and were back to making them again.

I wanted to make him a plush monster as he’s really loved monsters lately and they don’t have to look perfect. I also wanted it to be small so I could use my scrap felt. My wonderful husband got in on the whole project. He cut and sewed the original shape and then told me how he wanted the eyes and mouth to look. I attached the eyes and mouth with sloppy (on purpose this time haha) embrodery.I was up into the wee hours of the morning finishing “silly monster” (as Keagan has been calling him) but the look on Keagan’s face when he saw it sitting under our “faerie tree” made it all worth it.


So sweet!

I will be glad when Halloween is done so I can get back to my Christmas crafting. I love doing this, but I know I have so much to get done. Ido think I will have a helper for that now, as my sweet husband seems to have caught the crafting bug. How can you not love creating for the ones you love?

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For the next two weeks Keagan’s homeschool theme is Halloween. We started today and we’re both already having a lot of fun!

Since we’re still going to do some letter work the next two weeks, we started with an “h” collage this morning.  Then we read three books to fit our letter theme, “Harry Hungry!” by Stephen Salerno, “Hippos Go Berserk” by Sandra Boynton (one of our favorite authors around here!) and “Halloween Kitten” by Mary Packard. The latter we found at the thrift shop for only a quarter- and it still had two sheets of stickers in it. I used it  as an into our Halloween activities.  After we finished the book, I wrote “Happy Halloween” on orange construction paper and Keagan used the stickers from the book to make a collage.  He loves sticker collages, but we don’t do them often as I think stickers are pretty wasteful. But hey, they came with the book, so we went for it. 🙂

After that, I cut some ghost shapes out. Keagan glued them on to black construction paper and then drew faces on them. I think they came out pretty cute. I’m also really happy that he’s stopped being afraid of ghosts. I contribute this to another thrift store find, a copy of “Gus was a Friendly Ghost” by Jane Thayer.  He’s insisted that I read it to him every day, several times a day since we picked it up last week.


After that, we made a paper chain as a countdown to Halloween. Keagan loves to use gluesticks, so this was great for him.We talked about how we’d rip one link off every night from now until Halloween and then he’d go trick or treating. I explained to him that he’d dress up and get candy for the faeries and he’d get a gift the next day. He said “that’s right, Mama,” so I guess he’s on board with the idea of swapping candy for whatever a faerie might bring him.


He’s napping now, but later on I am sure we’ll be back at it. I’d like to come up with a baking/cooking project he can help with that actually looks Halloween-y. I am not sure if we’ll come by it. We recently had dairy added to the list of things he can’t eat (a food already avoided for the household, but not strictly restricted previously for Keagan) and it seems that so many of the cutesy Halloween foods use cream cheese or sour cream etc. Maybe I can make goat’s cheese work.

Homeschooling has become so much fun with a holiday theme. I can’t wait for Christmastime. I am thinking all of December will be devoted to Christmas. There’s just so many possibilities and since we get to make our own timeline at home, I think we should embrace the joy of the season.

Well off to enjoy what’s left of naptime with my very awake six month old. I’ll leave you with Keagan’s art wall, something of which he’s oh so very proud.


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Since we can’t have virtually any prepackaged candies, I thought I’d look for some fun recipes for Halloween. We are soy, gluten, dairy, shellfish, nut and citrus free. We also avoid high fructose syrup. So there’s just not much left  for us to eat without going through extra efforts, especially when we want to celebrate.

It seems fairly easy to have Halloween treats if all you’re avoiding is gluten, by the way.  It seems that all Tootsie and Jelly Belly products are gluten free.  I also found this list of gluten free candies.  Since only my husband could eat those snacks, I found options our whole family (well those of us with teeth) can enjoy.

Sunbutter Cups and Popcorn Balls

We’ll roast pumpkin seeds.

[picapp src=”f/1/4/f/Closeup_of_pumpkin_92c6.jpg?adImageId=5980668&imageId=5176050″ width=”234″ height=”234″ /]

I’m going to try to make caramel apples using this caramel sauce recipe. I have no clue if it will work or not, but you have to try things out to learn. 🙂

I’ll probably just make soup and gluten free bread that night, and maybe use a cookie cutter to cut the bread into pumpkin shapes. Keagan loves pumpkins. 🙂

It’s funny. I never cared about Halloween one way or another, but now that I have kids (and that one is old enough to enjoy this all…) I am so excited about it. I’m decorating and making costumes. I’m planning silly meals and trying to figure out age appropriate activities for the day. It’s a lot of fun! I love that kids bring back the joy of celebration. I just want to make their world a little more special… a little more magical. And I know I am creating memories to last a lifetime. How great is that? I have a feeling that the time  from now through the new year will be filled with so much joy. I can’t wait!

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I’ll be making the kids’ Halloween costumes this weekend and thought I would share what I’m doing.

Eden is a princess or a ballerina or whatever pretty little being wears a tutu. I am making it out of tulle from a tutu I wore when I danced as a teenager. Yes, awkward Stephenie danced and it was probably hilarious. I had fun and that’s what really matters, right? So I am repurposing my old tutu and making it into one for my sweet Eden. I am making it with a Ribbon waistband in hopes that it lasts awhile because I am sure that as soon as she is old enough to get it, she will want to twirl around in it!

Here’s the video for the tutorial I am using.

Keagan’s costume, I am making up as I go. He’s going to be a doggie. I am going to sew some felt spots and ears on to a hooded sweat shirt from the thrift shop. If I am feeling super lazy, I may just use iron on adhesive or fabric glue. I may just be that lazy because I am not all that into Halloween and have both in my craft closet.

I’ll post photos when I have our costumes all finished and on my very cute models. 🙂

We’ll be attending a “Green Halloween” event with the Holistic Moms Network a few days before Halloween. It should be a lot of fun!

As for the big day itself, we’ll take them Trick-or-Treating, but the sad part is that even if we wanted to let Keagan fill up on sugary treats, he just can’t. When you combine several allergies with probable hypoglycemia, Halloween is not as fun. So we’ll go, and he can get all the candy he wants in his bag, but then we’re “giving it to the faeries” whom Keagan believes live in our yard. Faeries, you see, live off chocolate and other sugary treats. In return, they will give Keagan a few small gifts and some dried fruit or home baked cookies or something of the like. I think this will work out. I hope so anyway. As the candy the faeries collect, I think we’ll give it to the homeless in our city. Everyone loves chocolate right?

We’re also taking them to a local pumpkin patch that sells organic heirloom pumpkins. Well it’s almost local, in the town my parents live in and we’re there all the time. I think the kids should have a blast. Okay, Keagan will. Eden likes being outside. Keagan is pumpkin obsessed! He loves them. So picking one should be a lot of fun, plus there’s a petting zoo, corn maze and other activities as well.

What fall/ harvest/ Halloween plans does everyone else have? I’d love to think of some activities to celebrate the change in season with the kids. We don’t have enough family traditions, so can we steal yours? 🙂

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