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We always do our big shopping trip the first weekend of the month, so I’m doing some recipe planning. I’ve had a few friends ask how we manage to eat healthy foods inexpensively, especially since we have lots of food allergies and sensitivities in our family. (No wheat, soy, shellfish, citrus, dairy or nuts in this house!) We also limit meat (Americans eat WAY too much, it’s expensive and most animals are not killed humanely.) So I thought I’d share a few of the recipes I plan to cook this month with you.

Now this is a pretty inexpensive recipe to start with. And big, we can freeze the leftovers for future lunches. I’ll make two changes, however. We’ll use dried beans (canned are so much more expensive!) and we won’t use beef stock, we’ll use vegetable. Did I mention we don’t eat beef or pork? Because we don’t. We’ll also cut the turkey to 1 pound and up the rest of the stuff because meat is expensive and we won’t like it that much anyway.

(goat) Cheesy Baked Salmon
We got a screaming deal on local wild salmon at the farmer’s market. We got six pounds a few weeks ago and still have a bit left, so we’ll be trying this out, but with goat cheese. I’ll probably have a brown rice side.

A “Martha” take on (rice) spaghetti
This one has to be altered as well. We’ll use organic brown rice pasta from Trader Joe’s as we can’t eat wheat. And instead of Pecorino Romano, we’ll use crumbled goat cheese on top. Also purchased at Trader Joe’s. Very simple. This will be a good dish for one of those nights when I just don’t have time to cook.

This one, we once again have to alter, but it’s simple and will cut out an expense and save us from an allergen: no lime for us. Quinoa is a wonderful grain, by the way. It is a complete protein! That’s great for those who don’t eat meat or don’t eat much, like us. If you live near a Costco, you can get a big (4lb) bag of organic quinoa very inexpensively – our last bag lasted for more than two months and that’s with me accidentally spilling about a pound. Oops.


Once again, we’ll use dried beans instead of canned. We’ll also use a half pound of mushrooms since I’m not a huge fan and add more beans. And I’ll dice my own tomatoes. I always use fresh veggies when I can. We’re joining a CSA so we’ll have lots of fresh ones around. We have some time left in tomato season.

I haven’t tried ratatouille before, but we have most of this on hand, so I am going for it! This will result in plenty of leftovers, which we always use for lunches.

Cickpea Pasta http://cheaphealthygood.blogspot.com/2007/08/quiet-mastery-of-sara-moulton.html
We’ll substitute rice pasta again here, and goat cheese once again. And dried beans. I never pay for canned beans, especially with bpa in almost ALL linings of cans!

Pan Roasted Chickenhttp://www.recipezaar.com/Pan-Roasted-Chicken-and-Veggies-78707
We bought some chicken breast at Costco last month and still have quite a bit in the freezer (we really do not eat much meat!) so I will use breast instead of thigh. Plus dark meat makes me want to gag. I’ll double this one so we have plenty of leftovers to freeze and I get that chicken out of there.

So there’s what a week of dinner looks like in our home. Well eight days. We’ll probably do a few more pasta dishes (so easy to come up with!) and a few more chicken (since we have so much) and more quinoa as well. It’s healthy and easy, why not?!

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Eden came into the world with full force early this morning.
Warning- this has all the details, so if you don’t want them, don’t look

Last night I was having a few contractions, kind of sporadically and not really time-able. I tried to go to bed, but I kept waking up with what I thought was an upset stomach. I kept trying to go to the bathroom and couldn’t…

About four I woke up and noticed that the “tummy pain” had moved to my back and was quite strong. I got on contractionmaster.com to time what I now realized were contractions. The first three were eight minutes apart. The fourth was less than three minutes after the third… and strong. It was 4:43 am.I knew this was it. I woke up Nick. I had a few more really strong contractions and about 5:00 decided to call my midwife, my parents and Alex (my wonderful friend and doula.) My midwife, Amy said to see how it went for an hour and give her a call back. I couldn’t get a hold of my mom or Alex. After a bit, I did get ahold of everyone. A little after 5:30, I realized that there was no waiting an hour to call Amy back… this little girl was coming – and fast. I think I had Nick call, I don’t really remember. Amy said she’d be there in about an hour. I worried Eden would get there before Amy!

My folks showed up about 6:00 to get Keagan. I was trying sooo hard not to scare him. I really needed to vocalize at this point, so as not to scare him I tried to sing “How Great is Our God.” He loves that song. It lasted for half a contraction and then I lost it and moaned. Right then, Grandma and Grandpa showed up. Keagan cried. Nick ran him out the door… the contraction ended and I chased them all so I could hug Keagan and tell him Mama was okay. Apparently, he was fine, but my poor dad cried.

About this time, I started shaking and threw up. I knew this meant I had to be close and worried again that no one would be there to help. I had Nick call Amy and thankfully, she was close. She got to the house between 6:20 and 6:30 I would guess… When she settled in, Amy checked me and I was at six centimeters. I was so shocked, I just knew I had to be closer than that. I had to use the bathroom, so I went to the toilet. I couldn’t pee, but the bath looked appealing. I had Nick start it for me and he went and told Amy I was getting in. As the water was still running, Alex showed up. Not too long after that, my water broke.

Then I couldn’t help it anymore. My body was pushing. But I went poo in the tub a little bit with the pushing, so I thought it was just really intense need to use the bathroom… I got out of the tub as fast as I could to try to use the bathroom… and soon realized that it was not that, it was baby! Her head was part way out of me and I was sitting on the toilet! So there I pushed. I stood up after her head was out and gave another push, and Amy guided her into my arms. There she was! My beautiful little girl! It was 7:14 am, 17 minutes after my water broke and about 45 min from when I was dilated to six.

It took a moment to sink in and then I saw my wonderful husband’s face. He was so happy… he had tears in his eyes. It hit me then. She was really here. We enjoyed a few minutes as a family before I birthed the placenta, then we made our way to the bedroom and just enjoyed one another.

Eden took to the breast right away, having three successful nursings before 10:30 am. She’s a hungry girl!

Home birth was so empowering… beautiful… real…and full of God’s love. It was the perfect way to overcome all the pain associated with Keagan’s birth. I can’t explain how much better natural childbirth was for me than hospital birth….

Keagan loves his “BABY!!” and is trying very hard to be soft with her. Though, being 23 months old that isn’t the easiest of tasks for him. He really wants to cuddle her nonstop.

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So it is official. Our neighbors have driven us out of our home. We’re moving March 1st. We don’t have a place yet, but do to some violent acts I’d rather not describe, we know we have to leave.

March 1st is roughly one month from my due date.  So I  am going to be uber pregnant and moving with a toddler. Eeek! This also means that I have to start packing up the house again soon. We JUST moved in… well five months ago but still.

Otherwise, life is good. Keagan’s had a fever, poor thing, but he is not showing any other signs of being sick. I am not sure what that’s about, but I hope he gets better soon. Besides being sick, he is doing so well. He’s really into learning his letters. (I obviously decided that it was okay to work with him on them) He asks to “Do letters” all the time. He’s even reading a few words. I know I sound like a loon or else super boastful, but he really is starting to read. I am proud of him, but in awe. Who knew my 21 month old was so smart? (hehe this is probably totally normal and I am just too proud a mama to know better)

We’re doing some co-sleeping again. He goes to bed in his bed and I am too tired to try to convince him to stay there when he wakes up in the middle of the night, so he’s usually doing about three hours in our bed. But we won’t have space for both when Eden gets here. It’s only a full. We hardly fit now. I wish we could all pile in there. I am not sure how to handle that. I don’t want to kick him out of his safe spot, but I am sure going to want the little one right by the breast. I don’t want to have to get out of bed several times a night when I could just roll over and nurse her all cozy in bed. Dang it, people are going to know that I really just practice attachment parenting out of laziness! Kidding….mostly. 🙂

I felted some sweaters to make into soakers, shorties and longies for both kids (cloth diapering stuff for those who don’t know) I just have to get to it. My hubby wants to help too. I find that super cute. 🙂

I haven’t been totally ignoring my sewing by any means. Keagan wore a new pair of pants I made him today. He loves those pants… both pairs I’ve made for him. Probably because they are tie-dyed and colorful. That, and they fit right. He has no butt and most pants fall off of him.  But these I made smaller up top to accommodate his “no butt syndrome.”  One of these days I really will get to posting photos of all this stuff. I’ve done so many fun little projects and I want to share 🙂 When I have some time.

Time. Ugh. I should be using my time to pack all the stuff I just unpacked!
Someone wants to come here and pack for me, right? Pretty please?

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I’d say this:

“Your toothbrush is not for scratching your penis.”

Being a Mama is so glamorous. 🙂

Keagan is still sick. Running a fever and coughing. Poor kiddo. Hopefully, he will be better soon and we can all go back to living a normal life. It would also help if the neighbors could be quiet. Hubby had a long talk with them today about how driving ATV’s after midnight is not appropriate and it wakes up our sick child. They acted all apologetic and said they would try hard to be quiet  when others may be sleeping. An hour or so later, at 11:30 pm, they started them up just the same.

We’re trying to decide if we want to move now, or wait until after Eden’s arrival. Since they’ve woken my child up three nights out of the last four, I can’t imagine what it will be like when I have  toddler AND a newborn. Plus, it makes me cranky.  Preggos need their sleep, too. It’s just extra frustrating because we JUST got all unpacked and settled, plus I like this place a lot. The place. Not the location or the neighbors. But the house itself is a wonderful layout for a family with a toddler. Sigh….

Off to look at rentals on craigslist and see if anything is nice enough to make me want to pack up again.

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It’s been a very busy few days!

My little guy is not feeling well. Yesterday he had a runny nose, fever, diarrhea and was teething.In addition to this, our neighbors decided to be really loud and kept waking him up. It was a LONG night. This am, the fever went away. I was hoping it was all teething related. Then, tonight he started a barky cough. After a few hours of this, my husband and I realized it was croup. We’ve been through this once before. We had him sit in the bathroom while we let the shower and sink run hot water. It helped some, but the poor dear is so wound up he can’t stay asleep. I can’t wait for him to feel better.

Earlier in the day, when he was feeling fine and acting normal, he went to see his grandparents. When he did this, hubby and I went shopping. First to Goodwill. I love that place. We bought a ton of clothes for Eden, a wooden toy ferry boat for Keagan, a book for Keagan and some adult T-shirts to make pants out of for the kids. All for $16. Thrifting rocks. It was fun to pick out clothes for the little one inside of me. Mostly, I bought simple shirts on which I can add embellishments and embroidery. I am really enjoying embroidery these days.

After that, we went to the fabric store. We were just going to pick up some elastic for the t-shirt pants, but they were having an awesome sale. 50% off some of the sewing machines. We realized after playing with mine, that it is missing several pieces and that is why I can’t get the tension right. So we were contemplating buying a new one anyway. I’d planned on a simple machine. BUT the better machines were on such a good sale that they were close in price to the more basic models. So we got a computerized Singer that has 60 stitches, an embroidery alphabet and several other cool features. I already made half a pair of t-shirt pants on it and I love it. I can’t wait to play with it more! I think I would have whipped out all four pairs we have planned if it hadn’t been for Keagan not feeling well. If he stays asleep now, I will at least finish the one pair tonight. They are super easy, and coming from a girl who was afraid of sewing machines until tonight, that is  saying a lot!  I will post some photos when they are done.

Well little man is still asleep, hopefully for some time now. Poor baby boy.  I am going to go try out the pants.

If anyone reading this happens to know of some home remedies for croup, please let me know!

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My son will only eat Annie’s Organic Bunny crackers. I can not get him to eat anything else. Even when he’s so hungry that he is shaking, he will turn down perfectly good food and scream that he wants “Munnies.”

Ugh. He’s been such a good eater until now.

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And they came back normal. So for now,  no anti-seizure meds! Hooray!

He’ll go back to the nuerologist in February. If he hasn’t had another seizure by then, we do not have to medicate.

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“When a child hits a child, we call it aggression.
When a child hits an adult, we call it hostility.
When an adult hits an adult, we call it assault.
When an adult hits a child, we call it discipline.” – Haim Ginott

I actually get a lot of flack for choosing NOT to hit my child. I am not telling anyone what to do, but I thought I would share this perspective. I think children “learn what they live.” If what they live is violence, I personally believe that they will, in fact, learn violence. Why act in a way towards your child that could send you to jail if you did it to an adult in a public place? Or that your child would be suspended from school for using towards another child. Or you would punish one child for using with their sibling?

A lot of this pressure I get to spank comes from Christian friends. They say the Bible is very clear on this topic, and that it says you must spank your children. I don’t see it that way at all.

First, let’s look at some scripture.

“Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.”
~ Matthew 25:40

I think that children surely fall into the “least of these” category. When you strike your child, you are striking the Lord.

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
~ Ephesians 6:4

Violence leads to anger, plain and simple. If we are to bring up our children in the way of the Lord, we are to love them. The greatest commandments are about love… and I think hugs and kisses go a lot further with your child than belts and spankings.

Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart.
~ Colossians 3:21

What could be more exasperating than having the person you love the most, the person who is supposed to guide you and teach you how to live your life HIT you and cause you pain when you have made a mistake?

Correct your son, and he will give you comfort; He will also delight your soul.
~ Proverbs 29:17

All of this, by no means says you should not correct your child and teach them. It just does not have to be violent. There are ways to discipline without using your hands.

But what about the scriptures that refer to “the rod?”

Pr 13:24 He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

Pr 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

Pr 23:13 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

Pr 23:14 Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.

Pr 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.

This does sound like we should be hitting our children… but to really understand, we should look at the historical meaning of the word that was translated to “rod” in these King James scriptures.

The word in its original Hebrew is shebet. It is defined in Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon as:
a. rod, staff
b. shaft (of spear, dart)
c. club (of shepherd’s implement)
d. truncheon, sceptre (mark of authority)
e. clan, tribe From an unused root probably meaning to branch off; a scion, for example literally a stick (for punishing, writing, fighting, walking, ruling, etc.) or figuratively a clan.

King James translates the word shebet as tribe 140 times, rod 34 times, sceptre 10 times, staff 2 times, miscellaneous other words 4 times.

There are words in Hebrew that could more clearly be used it the Bible were talking about a switch or stick as many people seem to view this scripture.choter and matteh are some of these words. They have specific meanings that indicate a branch etc.

The word shebet, however does often mean a staff. As in the staff that shepherds used to guide their flocks of sheep. A shepard gently uses such a staff to guide his flock, as a parent should gently guide their children.

If this was to be made clear, that we should all break branches off of tress and hit our kids with them, wouldn’t a more specific word have been used?

If you’d like a better study of all of this, check out http://www.gentlechristianmothers.com/articles/rodstudy.php. It goes through and shows every time shebet is translated to “rod” and shows the meanings behind the scriptures. It’s very good and where I got a lot of my information.

This was not written to chastise anyone for their parenting choices. It was written so people understand mine, and so that people can see another point of view. I’ve heard so much absolutism on this subject, with a “I am right and you are wrong” kind of attitude. I just thought I would show that there is another perspective and it is valid.

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We’re Sick :(

Keagan and I both have colds. We’re miserable, but Keagan is entertained. Apparently, when Mama coughs it is the funniest thing in the world. He has been laughing all morning.

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Long time, no blog

It’s been a crazy amount of time since I’ve blogged. A lot has happened. We moved. Keagan is growing and changing every day. I’m pregnant and due April 4th.  I find out on the 11th if it is a boy or a  girl. 🙂

Keagan had what may have been another seizure late last week and he goes in to see his neurologist tomorrow morning. I hate these appointments. I hate that my poor little guy has to go through all of this. I am guessing another EEG will be ordered, but maybe I am wrong. This episode was much like those he had the day he was born and the day after. Back then, he had an active brain bleed. I don’t think his brain is bleeding, but it brings back a lot of unhappy feelings.  I am trying not to worry, I know that Keagan is doing so much better than we ever could have hoped at birth, but… I am his mama. I worry. 

Otherwise, things are good. I’ll leave you with the cutest kid ever dressed as a lion for Halloween. 


Knock knock:


Happy Lion:

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