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In the two minutes it took me to use the restroom earlier today, my son found and ingested a few ounces of bubbles. Yummy. The guy at poison control said if he didn’t vomit large amounts in the next hour he’d be fine, just probably have the runs. No vomit, thankfully, but I am not looking forward to his next few dirty diapers. I think if I have to call Poison Control again, I will need to use a fake name. At the rate Keagan eats things he shouldn’t, they’ll probably report me to CPS. Haha.

We went to a playgroup yesterday and Keagan had a blast. He really loves playing with other kids. I’d take him back to the park today to get more interaction with other kids, but as it turns out there is rain of Biblical proportions pouring down so we are playing inside today. He’s getting tired of books and puzzles. I’m hopeful that after naptime it will be nicer outside. I don’t need sun… just a break in the rain. (spoken like a true Pacific Northwester)

It seems that Eden is following in her brother’s footsteps with food intolerances. Something in my diet makes her vomit big time. Poor little thing. I’ve cut out all dairy and soy. It seems to be getting a bit better so we’ll see if this works. I am praying it does because the poor little thing is just miserable. Plus, it’s really frustrating for a post partum Mama who is still losing weight and only has two pairs of pants to get large amounts of vomit on her clothes every day. Not that I don’t care about the kiddo first and foremost, but I would really love to not have to choose between sweatpants with a hole in the crotch and vomit soaked khakis.

Both kids are growing and changing so much by the day. Keagan talks more and more every day. In spite of the fact that I’ve done very little in the way of teaching him, he knows all his letters and their sounds and occasionally uses these skills to sound out words on his own. I am shocked by all of this. I didn’t expect him to be in the early stages of learning to read weeks after his second birthday, but he is.

He’s adjusting fairly well to his little sister, who’s been here five weeks already! He is very sweet with her about 90% of the time. Every once in awhile, however, his jealous streak shows. Usually when she’s nursing. Poor little guy misses it. My milk dried up when I was pregnant with her, but he’s always kept a strong attachment to my breasts. I’ve tried to offer nursing to him, but he only latches on for a few seconds. He does not want to nurse, but he sure does not want HER to get to nurse either.

Eden is smiling all the time now. I love that smiley new baby stage. She’s adorable. She’s growing so very fast. She looks like a new baby almost daily. We keep wondering who she looks like and I don’t think we’ll know for some time. It is so nice to cuddle such a sweet little one. I forgot how special this newborn time was the first time around.

As I look at her I wonder if she’s my last baby. I don’t know what our future holds, but I am snuggling close just in case.

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Eden came into the world with full force early this morning.
Warning- this has all the details, so if you don’t want them, don’t look

Last night I was having a few contractions, kind of sporadically and not really time-able. I tried to go to bed, but I kept waking up with what I thought was an upset stomach. I kept trying to go to the bathroom and couldn’t…

About four I woke up and noticed that the “tummy pain” had moved to my back and was quite strong. I got on contractionmaster.com to time what I now realized were contractions. The first three were eight minutes apart. The fourth was less than three minutes after the third… and strong. It was 4:43 am.I knew this was it. I woke up Nick. I had a few more really strong contractions and about 5:00 decided to call my midwife, my parents and Alex (my wonderful friend and doula.) My midwife, Amy said to see how it went for an hour and give her a call back. I couldn’t get a hold of my mom or Alex. After a bit, I did get ahold of everyone. A little after 5:30, I realized that there was no waiting an hour to call Amy back… this little girl was coming – and fast. I think I had Nick call, I don’t really remember. Amy said she’d be there in about an hour. I worried Eden would get there before Amy!

My folks showed up about 6:00 to get Keagan. I was trying sooo hard not to scare him. I really needed to vocalize at this point, so as not to scare him I tried to sing “How Great is Our God.” He loves that song. It lasted for half a contraction and then I lost it and moaned. Right then, Grandma and Grandpa showed up. Keagan cried. Nick ran him out the door… the contraction ended and I chased them all so I could hug Keagan and tell him Mama was okay. Apparently, he was fine, but my poor dad cried.

About this time, I started shaking and threw up. I knew this meant I had to be close and worried again that no one would be there to help. I had Nick call Amy and thankfully, she was close. She got to the house between 6:20 and 6:30 I would guess… When she settled in, Amy checked me and I was at six centimeters. I was so shocked, I just knew I had to be closer than that. I had to use the bathroom, so I went to the toilet. I couldn’t pee, but the bath looked appealing. I had Nick start it for me and he went and told Amy I was getting in. As the water was still running, Alex showed up. Not too long after that, my water broke.

Then I couldn’t help it anymore. My body was pushing. But I went poo in the tub a little bit with the pushing, so I thought it was just really intense need to use the bathroom… I got out of the tub as fast as I could to try to use the bathroom… and soon realized that it was not that, it was baby! Her head was part way out of me and I was sitting on the toilet! So there I pushed. I stood up after her head was out and gave another push, and Amy guided her into my arms. There she was! My beautiful little girl! It was 7:14 am, 17 minutes after my water broke and about 45 min from when I was dilated to six.

It took a moment to sink in and then I saw my wonderful husband’s face. He was so happy… he had tears in his eyes. It hit me then. She was really here. We enjoyed a few minutes as a family before I birthed the placenta, then we made our way to the bedroom and just enjoyed one another.

Eden took to the breast right away, having three successful nursings before 10:30 am. She’s a hungry girl!

Home birth was so empowering… beautiful… real…and full of God’s love. It was the perfect way to overcome all the pain associated with Keagan’s birth. I can’t explain how much better natural childbirth was for me than hospital birth….

Keagan loves his “BABY!!” and is trying very hard to be soft with her. Though, being 23 months old that isn’t the easiest of tasks for him. He really wants to cuddle her nonstop.

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I know before I was a mother, I had quite a few thoughts on parenting. I thought I had a good ideas as to how I would parent and I thought I had good reasons for these ideas.

For example: I thought that letting a baby cry it out for awhile was a totally normal, healthy practice. After having a child, I ended up hating “cry it out” and I actually ended up co-sleeping with my son. Co-sleeping scared me before I had a baby. But I don’t think I would have ever been rude to someone who chose co-sleeping for their family.

I also used to think that the baby DVD’s on the market were great and thought I would be using them when I had a child. Instead, we got rid of cable and my son has never really watched much tv/ movies. We have no plans on getting cable back. The more research we do on kids and TV the less we want Keagan around it. I know I would have thought someone who made this choice was a bit weird before I had my son, but I would not have tried to tell them they were parenting wrong.

I also thought breastfeeding a toddler was a bit odd. I knew I would nurse. I planned to for at least six months and probably about a year. Now my son is 13.5 months old and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. I educated myself about the benefits of nursing and I changed my mind. I know that being around nursing toddlers surprised me a bit. I found it a bit off putting, I will admit. But I never would have been rude to someone who chose to breastfeed beyond infancy. I think I have always understood that every family functions differently.

This weekend I came across someone who was downright snappy with me about nursing my son. I won’t get into details about it, but I was shocked at how rude this person (who does not yet have children) was to me. I know it comes out of fear and ignorance, but wow. I just tried to smile and reminded this person that the benefits of nursing don’t end the day a child turns one and refererred to the WHO’s recommendation to nurse until two. The person stopped talking but glared at me the whole time I nursed my son.

Maybe I am remembering myself a better person that I was, but as ignorant as I was about parenting before I was a parent, I NEVER was rude to someone. I know that it’s hard to understand how other families function, but I can’t imagine being rude to someone over something that didn’t affect me at all. I get plenty of flack for nursing my son from multiple sources, and I try to keep my head up. I know that what I am doing is right. I tell them the short version of why I am still nursing and most people just shut up and get over it. Most are just confused, not rude. This was different though. This was flat out rude.

I really hope I was never like that. Being a parent changes you. It’s changed me so much that I can hardly imagine ever being the person I was before I had my son, but I have always valued respect. I don’t care how ignorant someone is on a subject, they should always be respectful.

/end rant.

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