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My beautiful baby girl turned one year old recently. It’s hard to beleive that she’s gone from this (just a few minutes old here…)

to this (enjoying her cake on her birthday)

One year!

so very quickly, but she has. My baby is growing up so fast.

Eden really is an absolute joy. Her smile makes my life worth living. She has brought so much to our lives and I can not even begin to express the thankfulness I have toward God for bringing her to my family. You don’t know how much you are lacking, how much of a hole your family has until it is filled. All of us needed Eden. We were incomplete without her.

I’ve grown so much as a person because of this sweet baby (okay, toddler… I hate admitting that!) and I just can not express correctly how much I love my one year old.

Keagan turns three this week… I can’t beleive that either. I love watching them together. They really, really love one another. Siblings can have such a beautiful bond. I hope they never lose that.

I will be doing a lot of catching up on here in my next few posts. I have a lot to say, but I think it will take a few posts so it’s not too disjointed. Life has been pretty crazy for us since we moved.

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Our third and fourth day of Advent were spent making salt-dough ornaments. Β Keagan really liked the painting portion.

He is so enjoying all of our advent activities! We are (hopefully) getting our tree this weekend so that should make for a lot of Christmas fun!

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We went to the park to collect leaves for “L” week. I forgot to bring the “real” camera, but I did have my cell phone. I captured some of the fun that ensued.


Pretty leaves!


He got distracted… he found some faeries in the tree. πŸ™‚


And where was Miss Eden during all of this fun? She was riding along happily in her sling.


Keagan had a blast and it was great to enjoy a sunny fall day with two great kids.Β  We’ll do a few crafts with our leaves this afternoon and then we’ll move on to “P.”Β  Tomorrow, we we’re going to the pumpkin patch. πŸ™‚

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This week is “L” week for Keagan. Our main theme the week is leaves. I don’t schedule a ton of activities for Keagan, as I believe in child-led learning, especially at a young age, however, I plan a simple activity each day.

This week’s plans:

Today Leaf Rubbings (already done, he loved it!)
Wed: Leaf Walk, collect leaves for the rest of the week and talk about them, their colors, the autumn, etc
Thurs: Leaf collage
Fri: Tree activity, I’ll cut the base of a tree out and let him glue leaves on the top.

I skipped Monday, we had playgroup and afterward he ended up at the hospital (that’s my next post!) so we took the day off.

At some point, we’ll make a collage for L, we do one for each letter (cut things out of magazines that start with our letter for the week and Keagan glues them…. he doesn’t want to cut yet)

We may also make a Lion mask, depending on his interest, and we will read some lion books and talk about them a bit.

As we go through our days, I make an extra point to read books that fit with out theme, write the letter of the week on paper before he colors on it, find coloring sheets in his books that fit the theme, etc as well as talk about anything he finds interest in related to the theme. When there’s a good opportunity, we take a “field trip” like the leaf walk. We went to the pet store and bought a fish on “F” week and went to an apple orchard on “A” week etc. I don’t do the letters in order to make all of this easier. I am saving “C” for Christmastime and we’ll do “H” the week of Halloween, “T” the week of Thanksgiving. We’re going to do “Z” soon since I can’t think of any field trip other than the zoo for it and it’s going to be too nasty to go to the zoo soon, but we’ll run out of letters before the weather is nice again. I am saving “S” for when there is snow, but that will have to come without plan, since snow is hit or miss around here most years. If nothing else, I’ll save it for a planned trip to the mountains.

Anyway, there’s the rough idea of how we do “preschool.” Keagan likes these activities and the theme really helps to motivate me as much as teach him. We have a lot of fun together doing these things and because it’s flexible, it is very easy to work around Eden.

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What Does Naptime Look Like?



I probably should have done something more productive than take photos and play in photoshop with my time. Especially since they so rarely take naps at the same time. My children, however, were too angelic to pass up.

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I So Enjoy My Son

He’s just delightful lately (a few acts of toddler violence aside…)

He’s had the cutest things to say lately. He told me yesterday that my left breast is Eden’s and my right breast is his.

Later on, he told the dogs to “have a nice day.”

Today, he told me that his ear is “bonk.” (he has a ear infection, again..)

I love how much more vocal he is these days and I thoroughly enjoy our little conversations. I think I will really miss his sweet toddler perspective on the world when he’s older.

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My sweet little boy turns two today. Two years have passed by in the blink of an eye and yet I can’t even imagine my life without him. Keagan is so full of joy, so vibrant, so spirited, so energetic, so life-affirming, so … Keagan! My life has become more worth living because of his sweet presence. I am so very blessed to be “mama” to such a wonderful child.

His little sister is two weeks old today. I am also shocked to realize that sweet little Eden has blessed us with her presence for two weeks. Our wonderful little family is so full of love and joy.

Today is Easter. Such a special, beautiful day. Easter is filled with so much hope. It amazes me to think about the love of the Father and the miracle of Christ rising. We’re all given the beautiful gift of forgiveness because of the amazing grace of our Heavenly Father. There is so much beauty and joy in the miracle we celebrate today. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Bask in its beauty. Marvel in its joint wonder and simplicity.

Since today is Easter, we’ll be spending the day focusing on that. We’re having a birthday celebration for the little guy in a few weeks. I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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We are in our new home, we finally have internet and we are trying to get all settled.

Eden seems to feel that she would like to act like she’s coming early, so I have to take it easy until Wed, when I will be far along enough to birth at home. Of course that makes getting my home ready for the birth harder. But if she has to be born in a room with boxes in the corner who cares. She’ll be at home where she belongs. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, she gives me a few days (or weeks!) after Wed. We’ll see. She knows the perfect time for her arrival better than I.

Keagan seems to like our new home. He LOVES the park down the street. It’s so close that I can take him down there multiple times a day no problem and let him run out his toddler crazies. It’s wonderful. The neighborhood is great, everyone is friendly. I wish I wasn’t held up right now, I would do more with him out in the world… or even in our house. We don’t normally do much TV, but I start contracting whenever I pick him up, stand up, bend…just about anything over these past few days, so he’s been watching a lot of Veggie Tales. Of course this pleases him to no end, but I’d much rather have him outside playing in puddles or something. I just have to keep telling myself it’s a short time in his life and we’ll go back to our normal soon. Well as normal as life can be when it will change so drastically πŸ˜‰

I am so looking forward to Eden’s arrival. I can’t wait to see her sweet face for the first time. And I can’t wait to see how Keagan responds to his new sister. And to see Nick fall in love with his daughter.

Babies are great. πŸ™‚

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Mama, I Cry!

I wanted to share some of the cute things Keagan has been doing before I forget them.

A few weeks ago, I was in the bathroom and Keagan was asleep. He woke up and started to call for me. I told him I would be right there. Then he said “Mama, I cry.” Yep. He threatened me. He knows I can’t stand to hear him cry and he used it against me. I told him to wait just a second and he started to cry the biggest fake cry I have ever heard. When I walked into his room he had quite a silly smile on his face. Goofball.

Throughout the pregnancy he’s been strangely realistic about everything. There is a baby in my tummy. Not his. Not papa’s. Not random other people unless they are actually pregnant women. But yesterday he decided there was a baby in his tummy too. Quite cute really. I tried to explain to him that only mamas get babies in their tummies, but it did no good. Today he’s back to reality. The only one with a baby in their tummy in our household is me.

He’s started singing along when I sing to him/ he hears music on the radio. So cute. He gets about every third word and makes up the rest. His rendition of “Silent Night” cracks me up. I wish I had it on video.

He’s in a fearful stage right now. He is afraid of everything. His friends “Cookie Monster” toy terrified him the other day. He hid behind me to get away from it. I am not sure what it is about but it both breaks my heart and makes me laugh at the same time.

He is getting good at writing his letters. Unfortunately, he wrote and “A” and a “Y” on the floor yesterday. Thankfully, color crayon cleans off of linoleum fairly easily. When I saw it I could not decide if I was proud or mad. πŸ™‚

He’s growing up so fast. I can’t believe he will be two soon. WAY too soon.

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So I thought I would sort of “review” some of Keagan’s Christmas gifts.

He got the “Blue Moo” CD by Sandra Boynton from my mom. Keagan LOVES music, and I want to make sure he has some music time every day, so this was a great gift. We played it today for the first time. A few of the tracks bored him a bit, but, for the most part it had him dancing all over the house. He waved his little hands in the air, he marched, he even pulled out his little toy drum and played along (to the beat, I must add… er brag.) So, minus a few songs that are fine, just not Keagan’s Taste, we loved it. It’s much easier to listen to than a lot of kids music (I can’t STAND little kids singing off key!!) and a lot of fun.

Also from my mom, he got Melissa and Doug “Stacking Emergency Vehicles.” These are also a hit. They are toy car meets puzzle. He loves pushing them around yelling “we-oooh-we-oooh” and also taking them apart and putting them together. He has a little trouble with the puzzle aspect, but he enjoys it and I think he’ll grow into them a bit more with age, which is a good thing. So many toys get boring to kids too quicky.


The third and final toy I am reviewing today is the “Funrise My Little Rockstar Guitar.” While Keagan likes it, I don’t think he will for long. It’s already breaking! It has a wheel on the front that makes it make guitar sound effects. This wheel is already stuck. He’s played with it four times and it’s already stuck! It’s also annoying and does not really resmble a guitar in the way it’s used. I want to expose him to music, but in a more realistic fashion. And one that does not beep, light up and break in less than a week. I generally like more natural toys and this just reminded me why.


And just because, here’s a photo of my little guy, playing in the laundry I was trying to fold. Who needs toys when you have a laundry basket?!


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