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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My beautiful family sure reminds me that I have many, many reasons to be thankful!
Eden in her pretty dress:

Sometimes, love is squishy and kind of painful.

We had a nice dinner with my parents and brothers and headed home before pie. As sad as it is, it saved a lot of screaming and bedtime fussiness. I’m quickly learning that kids change your holiday priorities. Pie is no longer on the radar. 🙂

We’ve changed around our thoughts on Christmas as well. Actually, it’s more like I’ve guilted my husband into allowing Santa into our home. And I am so happy about it! Keagan loves Santa. And yes, he’s already a little more focused on presents than he should be, however I think that the eternal salvation delivered upon the world via a virgin birth is a bit much for a 2 1/2 year old to understand, so if he gets caught up in the gift and Santa aspect of the holiday for a few years so be it.

He’s decided he wants a motorcycle for Christmas. We decided a balance bike looks enough like one to pass. We thought about some ride on motorcycle toys, but the reviews were all terrible and we were afraid he wouldn’t play with it long. This, he can play with until about age five, when his sister can easily take over 🙂 He’s also told me that Santa wants his own motorcycle. I think that’s Santa’s problem 😉

We’re doing a lot of fun advent activities and I am going to blog about that in just a little bit. Hope everyone’s doing well!


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We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch! We had to take a half hour drive to get there, but we wanted organic pumpkins since we’ll be baking, and as an added bonus, the farm uses heirloom seeds! They were worth the drive. If you’re looking for a pumpkin patch in the Puget Sound area, I highly recomend Creek House Farm in Port Orchard. It’s run by a homeschooling family a bunch of kids (7?) one of whom is a tiny little newborn. They were really kind and had fun things set up for the kids – a craft table, a simple corn maze (which my two year old loved) and an area to feed animals. Keagan had so much fun!



Eden really loves to be outside, so she was pretty darn happy herself.


It was a really good way for us to start of “p” week. Keagan’s been so interested in our theme (pumpkins) ever since we went. I am thinking I should start more of our themes off with field trips. Usually, I have them at the end of the week, but this has really sparked his interest. We’ve been doing pumpkin crafts and we’ll bake pumpkin pie with the “guts” once we decide to carve.  This theme may stick around for more than a week and that’s okay with me!

Being on the farm made me ever so slightly envious. I’d love to have a place I could grow our food. I want to be as self sustainable as possible. One day! They had these wonderfully cute mini goats and it really made me want to have animals.


Aren’t they too cute for words? We’ll have to get a few of those when we have land one day. I do think that the city is better for us now. With tiny little kids it would be hard to have all of that to take care of, but with older kids it would be great. Homeschooling would be a joy with all of the animals and plants. There would be so many learning opportunities right there!

Off to daydream about the farm we’ll someday (maybe) have!

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We went to the park to collect leaves for “L” week. I forgot to bring the “real” camera, but I did have my cell phone. I captured some of the fun that ensued.


Pretty leaves!


He got distracted… he found some faeries in the tree. 🙂


And where was Miss Eden during all of this fun? She was riding along happily in her sling.


Keagan had a blast and it was great to enjoy a sunny fall day with two great kids.  We’ll do a few crafts with our leaves this afternoon and then we’ll move on to “P.”  Tomorrow, we we’re going to the pumpkin patch. 🙂

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This week is “L” week for Keagan. Our main theme the week is leaves. I don’t schedule a ton of activities for Keagan, as I believe in child-led learning, especially at a young age, however, I plan a simple activity each day.

This week’s plans:

Today Leaf Rubbings (already done, he loved it!)
Wed: Leaf Walk, collect leaves for the rest of the week and talk about them, their colors, the autumn, etc
Thurs: Leaf collage
Fri: Tree activity, I’ll cut the base of a tree out and let him glue leaves on the top.

I skipped Monday, we had playgroup and afterward he ended up at the hospital (that’s my next post!) so we took the day off.

At some point, we’ll make a collage for L, we do one for each letter (cut things out of magazines that start with our letter for the week and Keagan glues them…. he doesn’t want to cut yet)

We may also make a Lion mask, depending on his interest, and we will read some lion books and talk about them a bit.

As we go through our days, I make an extra point to read books that fit with out theme, write the letter of the week on paper before he colors on it, find coloring sheets in his books that fit the theme, etc as well as talk about anything he finds interest in related to the theme. When there’s a good opportunity, we take a “field trip” like the leaf walk. We went to the pet store and bought a fish on “F” week and went to an apple orchard on “A” week etc. I don’t do the letters in order to make all of this easier. I am saving “C” for Christmastime and we’ll do “H” the week of Halloween, “T” the week of Thanksgiving. We’re going to do “Z” soon since I can’t think of any field trip other than the zoo for it and it’s going to be too nasty to go to the zoo soon, but we’ll run out of letters before the weather is nice again. I am saving “S” for when there is snow, but that will have to come without plan, since snow is hit or miss around here most years. If nothing else, I’ll save it for a planned trip to the mountains.

Anyway, there’s the rough idea of how we do “preschool.” Keagan likes these activities and the theme really helps to motivate me as much as teach him. We have a lot of fun together doing these things and because it’s flexible, it is very easy to work around Eden.

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