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So I don’t really push my son to learn to read or anything of that sort. He’s young and I know he’ll learn. But today he learned a few letters because he kept asking me to draw for him and I ran out of ideas. So I wrote a “k” for Keagan. He picked up on it really quickly. So I did a few more. Now he knows four letters and he learned in in five minutes or so. It seems to have stuck. He is happily pointing out “k’s” to me.

Now I feel torn. I am all about natural, child-led learning. But he so enjoyed learning his letters this way. Maybe since he is enjoying it, it is child-led in a way?


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Keagan’s third tooth cut through today and he was hardly fussy at all, thank goodness! I knew it was close. It’s his first top tooth and it has me worrying a bit about biting during nursing! I am sure it will be fine, though.

In other baby news, Keagan said a new word today! Dog! He loves our dogs, so I am not surprised that “dog” is among  his first words.

This is Max and Roxy 🙂

Max and Roxy

So far Keagan says:

Mama, Papa, Hi, Yeah, Boob, Dog and Boo (book)

Go baby, go 😀 It is so incredible to watch him learn and grow. He was so proud of “dog” tonight. He said it over and over and squealed with joy. It makes me so happy to see my little man thrive. I know it’s nothing amazing in the grand scheme of things, but to me it is such a miracle to see the way children (especially mine!) develop all around. Language skills are such a wonderful gift and it’s so amazing to watch these skills come into being. In the not terribly distant future, I will be able to hold a conversation with my little man. Wow.

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