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The past month or so, sleep has been hard to come by at my house. My 19 month old son has been tossing and turning all over our small bed (full sized)  and waking up every few hours.  Add to that my quickly expanding baby belly and we were tired and out of space.  So we tried putting Keagan to sleep on his own. It killed me. But he fussed for about one minute (really, one minute!) and then went to sleep. And he slept all night. So for about a week, we have been doing this. He does not even fuss at all anymore, just lays down and snuggles with his blankies. My back feels better, I’m a happier Mama and he is less cranky in the morning.

But I do miss those cuddles.  He’s napping right now and part of me wants to go in there and move him to my bed and take a nap with him just to have that snuggly time.

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My little man is what one might call “high energy” or “spirited.”

Basically, he runs around non-stop. His little mind never stops going. He is always trying to figure things out. He is always inspecting household items, trying to learn new activities and talking away. He hardly ever slows down, let alone comes to a stop. Consequently,he is really hard to get on a schedule. “Raising Your Spirited Child” calls this being “irregular.” I call it a pain in my rear 😉 (Let me say, I LOVE my son. I love his personality. I love that he is inquisitive and smart and full of life. I just want to be able to have some idea of when I may be allowed to sleep)

I have been trying to wear the little guy out as much as I can in the daytime. Today, we went down to the park and he played on the swings, then we went for a walk on a nature trail. (a lot of work for tiny little toddler legs!) He totally crashed when we got home. This evening, we went on a walk in the neighborhood, (Keagan was in the stroller this time, but the fresh air and excitement seems to tucker him out) He went to sleep when we got home. I thought maybe I’d figured things out. That maybe, just maybe I had a new system and I could keep him on a healthy sleep schedule.

He woke up a little after ten. It’s not uncommon for him to wake, then go back to sleep after a few minutes of cuddles. But that’s not the case tonight. We’ve tried every trick in the book and Keagan is not sleeping. It is 12:09 and he’s sitting in my lap. I’d love to be in bed. I can’t be. My husband eventually had to kick us out because he has to get up extra early in the am for a meeting and Keagan was saying “dog” and slapping him. Not one of the perks of the family bed 😉

So I rocked him. I sang to him. I nursed and nursed and nursed him in a dark room and he just kept slapping me and talking. So after more than an hour in the dark, I brought him out here and I am venting to the internet about the fact that I want to go to bed and my son will never fall into a pattern no matter now hard I try.

It’s a good thing he is so darned cute 🙂 He just hugged my face and gave me a wet, sloppy baby kiss. I love this kid.

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