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The Park!

We took Keagan to the park for the first time today. Well I guess now it was technically yesterday, since it’s well after midnight. The doctor said cold air would be good for his Croup and he was in a great mood, plus it was so sunny out! So we headed to the park for some fun in the (cold-ish) sun! Keagan loved the swing. I went down the slide with him and he was totally indifferent to that. In general, he loves to be outside, so he was pretty happy the whole time.

His coughing stayed at a minimum all day, but tonight it got bad again. It kept waking him up. Poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon!

Keagan and Papa

Swinging Keagan

Blurred happiness

Meh- slide

Piggy Back

Yummy hat

Oh and see his oh so hip scarf? That is my first completed knitting project! I made that all by myself. 😀

Oh and another thing. If you know me from MDC- they banned me for some strange reason! I don’t understand why, but I won’t be around there until I get that sorted out. Sadness.


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Nine Months

Keagan turned nine months old yesterday! That seems so significant, maybe because that’s how long it took to “cook” him. Now he’s been “out” longer than he was “in” me! Wow! He’s going to be one in no time! My baby soon won’t be a baby anymore! Sadness! But it is fun to watch him grow up! He is trying really hard to walk. I have a feeling he is going to be an early walker.  Uh-oh!

We spent the day yesterday watching football and celebrating the birthday of the son of some friends. It was a nice, relaxing kind of day. (Even if the Seahawks lost!) When we got home, I finally broke in the bread machine I bought at the goodwill awhile back. It works! Today we have fresh baked bread and it was beyond easy to make.  Maybe I will get this home-maker stuff down after all 😉

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Poor little Keagan. He has croup. It’s so sad! When he coughs, he gets really upset and sometimes he even cries!

I realized that his cold was more than just a cold the other day and of course it was after hours at his pediatrician’s office. I refuse to take him to the local hospital out here after the terrible job the did when he was born, so we drove him to Tacoma to Mary Bridge Children’s hospital. We were actually seen very quickly, and the MD we saw did a good job with him.

He should be better within a week, probably less, but for now, my little Bulldog is not himself! He is VERY clingy and yet wants to crawl around and play. But when I put him down, he gets upset and cries.  Poor little man does not know what he wants!

We’ve had more than our share of health issues in the past month and I can not wait until we all feel better!

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“Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public school.” -Texas Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon

I don’t plan on giving up any of my rights to my child, thank you very much.


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