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I am 30 weeks pregnant now! I have 67 days until my due date. Just over two months! It won’t be long until I am holding sweet little Eden in my arms.  And I have so much to do!

Since I am busy being mama to my delightfully entergetic son, I sometimes forget about the fact that this pregnancy will end in another baby. I feel mildy guilty about this. I was obsessed when I was pregnant with Keagan. This time… I just don’t have time to focus in on what it means to be pregnant. I have to take care of my son.

I did look it up, and little Eden weighs about three pounds right now. (Funny how I’ve gained almost ten times that, but that’s part of the whole deal I guess) How tiny! Three pounds! What’s stranger is that she’ll more than double in weight (most likey) before she gets here.

I am looking forward to her arrival. I am worried about how it will affect Keagan, but I know in the long run they will be better off. He really loves other kids. I just worry about him being too rough. And I don’t want to make him feel like we love her more or anything like that if we tell him not to slap her etc.

I have to make diapers for her. I have to purchase quite a bit of  “baby stuff” as well. We were so sure we wouldn’t have any more kids that we gave away a LOT of Keagan’ s stuff. I also realize this time around how much of the “stuff” is not needed. We will need to find a good breast pump, a swing or something of the like and we’d really like on of those nest-style co-sleepers to calm my fears about Nick rolling over on her.

We’re planning a waterbirth at a birth center… and I can’t wait. That might sound odd, but after Keagan’s traumatic birth experience we are looking forward to a natural, intervention free birth.  Plus I will get to hold the sweet little girl who has been living inside me all these months. 🙂

Well that was all really random.

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If Only…

If only I could capture the wonderful moments of mama-hood in time to look back upon forever…

If only I could save these precious times and replay them over and over again…

If only I could save the warm feeling in my heart as he reached up to touch my cheek…

If only I could save these times, I’d be so grateful.

Instead I will try to remember. I hope I always remember the soft touch of his little hand patting my arm as I rocked him to sleep.  I hope that I can always remember the warm kisses he gave my arm as I held him, singing “At the Foot of the Cross” to him. I hope I always remember the sweet smell of his blond curls as he nestled into me. I hope I will always remember how his arms felt around my neck as he threw them around me for another hug. I hope I will always remember that sweet, toothy smile he gave me while looking up into my eyes. I hope I will always remember the peace I felt rocking that sweet boy. I hope I always remember the sweetness in his voice as he said “Ni-night” and pointed his little finger over to his crib.

I hope, I pray that these sweet memories stay with me forever. May I never forget the happiness my sweet Keagan brings me and the love that mama and son share.

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I am officially addicted to sewing. And fabric. I always thought people were crazy for fabric addiction. But I am less than a week into my new hobby and already I am having “fabric problems.”  I want so much! I have to restrain myself.

I will post some photos of projects soon. I am going to need some more easy-ish project ideas soon. If you have them, send them my way!

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I’d say this:

“Your toothbrush is not for scratching your penis.”

Being a Mama is so glamorous. 🙂

Keagan is still sick. Running a fever and coughing. Poor kiddo. Hopefully, he will be better soon and we can all go back to living a normal life. It would also help if the neighbors could be quiet. Hubby had a long talk with them today about how driving ATV’s after midnight is not appropriate and it wakes up our sick child. They acted all apologetic and said they would try hard to be quiet  when others may be sleeping. An hour or so later, at 11:30 pm, they started them up just the same.

We’re trying to decide if we want to move now, or wait until after Eden’s arrival. Since they’ve woken my child up three nights out of the last four, I can’t imagine what it will be like when I have  toddler AND a newborn. Plus, it makes me cranky.  Preggos need their sleep, too. It’s just extra frustrating because we JUST got all unpacked and settled, plus I like this place a lot. The place. Not the location or the neighbors. But the house itself is a wonderful layout for a family with a toddler. Sigh….

Off to look at rentals on craigslist and see if anything is nice enough to make me want to pack up again.

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It’s been a very busy few days!

My little guy is not feeling well. Yesterday he had a runny nose, fever, diarrhea and was teething.In addition to this, our neighbors decided to be really loud and kept waking him up. It was a LONG night. This am, the fever went away. I was hoping it was all teething related. Then, tonight he started a barky cough. After a few hours of this, my husband and I realized it was croup. We’ve been through this once before. We had him sit in the bathroom while we let the shower and sink run hot water. It helped some, but the poor dear is so wound up he can’t stay asleep. I can’t wait for him to feel better.

Earlier in the day, when he was feeling fine and acting normal, he went to see his grandparents. When he did this, hubby and I went shopping. First to Goodwill. I love that place. We bought a ton of clothes for Eden, a wooden toy ferry boat for Keagan, a book for Keagan and some adult T-shirts to make pants out of for the kids. All for $16. Thrifting rocks. It was fun to pick out clothes for the little one inside of me. Mostly, I bought simple shirts on which I can add embellishments and embroidery. I am really enjoying embroidery these days.

After that, we went to the fabric store. We were just going to pick up some elastic for the t-shirt pants, but they were having an awesome sale. 50% off some of the sewing machines. We realized after playing with mine, that it is missing several pieces and that is why I can’t get the tension right. So we were contemplating buying a new one anyway. I’d planned on a simple machine. BUT the better machines were on such a good sale that they were close in price to the more basic models. So we got a computerized Singer that has 60 stitches, an embroidery alphabet and several other cool features. I already made half a pair of t-shirt pants on it and I love it. I can’t wait to play with it more! I think I would have whipped out all four pairs we have planned if it hadn’t been for Keagan not feeling well. If he stays asleep now, I will at least finish the one pair tonight. They are super easy, and coming from a girl who was afraid of sewing machines until tonight, that is  saying a lot!  I will post some photos when they are done.

Well little man is still asleep, hopefully for some time now. Poor baby boy.  I am going to go try out the pants.

If anyone reading this happens to know of some home remedies for croup, please let me know!

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