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We’ve been making a lot of Thanksgiving crafts the past two weeks and while a lot of them were things I made up on my own, we have done a few we found online. I thought I’d link to some of the fun activities we’ve found.
We also found a few fun ideas over at Chasing Cheerios.

We also started using the lesson plans from Little Acorn Learning. We don’t use all of it, and we change things around a bit to work for our family, but it adds a nice rhythm to our day. Keagan seems to enjoy it and it’s all simple stuff that’s easy to do with Eden around. I like the reverence for nature, the acknowledgment of a creator and the fact that it’s not expecting too much academically out of a two year old. That said, we do our own letter/ early reading learning on the side and lots of craft projects as well. But it helps to fill out our day and give me motivation.

With Thanksgiving just two days away I am sure many of you are busy getting ready. I’m spoiled. All I am doing is making a pumpkin pie, which I’ll probably do tomorrow night. My mom hosts each year, makes wonderful food and doesn’t like to lose control of much, so pie it is. I will bring a few things along that are allergen friendly. Nick is trying this http://www.enzymedica.com/products/GlutenEase to see if he can get through dinner without feeling sick and still enjoy all the yummies. I hope it works for him. It’s nice to have one less allergen to think about!

Happy cooking and happy feasting to all!

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Not a whole lot going on right now. Lots of turkey crafts being made. Simple hand-shaped ones. Keagan loves turkeys right now.

Eden started saying mama and it makes my heart warm.

I’m realizing my goal of finishing my Christmas gifts by Thanksgiving probably isn’t going to happen, however I have a great start and I won’t be nearly as stressed as last year. That’s a very, very good thing.

I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family. My mom makes a wonderful dinner every year and most of the food can be consumed by most of my family. Hooray!

I have quite a few half finished craft projects that need to become finished projects. Felt food (so cute… I never knew little felt cookies were so fun!) a few pairs of wool longies that are pinned and not sewed. I have silk to be dyed for play silks. And I have the most awesome fabric ever I need to make into beautiful clothes for Miss Eden.

I got it from SuperBuzzy. They have an awesome selection of unique (mostly Japanese) fabrics. I spend forever drooling and bought half a yard each of these two:

Only the second the background is red, not pink. I guess she’s out of the red now. They arrived fast and she even send little candies with it. Awesome. Now I have to patterns and I just can’t decide.

Now it’s time for bed.:)

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I’m a Give-a-Way Winner!

I won give a way over at Retro Housewife Goes Green! She always has the best give-a-ways and I’m quite pleased that I won!

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Our Halloween




Keagan had a great day.He was very excited from the moment he realized Halloween had finally come. We had trick-or-treater stop by very early (like 3:00) and as soon as we’d closed the door he wanted to take all the candy in the bowl out to the faeries. I let him take a piece out to the big tree, but I told him we’d have to collect the rest trick-or-treating. He accepted that just fine and we got ready to go show the kids’ costumes off to Grandma and Grandpa, who spoiled him relentlessly with a large bag of treats he can eat and some toys. This pleased him greatly. Eden was given a stuffed kitty since she isn’t eating treats yet. She chewed on that almost as much as she did her tutu.

We took him to trick-or-treat in my parents’ neighborhood since we were there that time of day. He love trick-or-treating and said he wants to do it every day. I told him he can do it every Halloween. 🙂

We made a quick stop to see G.G. and Gramps (great-grandparents) and then headed home. Keagan promptly dumped his candy out under the faerie tree.

In the morning, the faeries left him a no-sew fleece scarf. I hear they were too tired to make the elf hat they planned. I guess I’ll just have to pick up their slack and make it for him for Christmas 😉

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